NatMEG services

if you are interested in accessing NatMEG facilties and/or support, please read the below sections and preferably also the linked documents.

Don't hesitate to contact us for discussions and further assistance.

NatMEG not only provides access to the superbly equipped MEG lab, but also provides training and support to users in experimental design, piloting, measurements and analysis.

In the "NatMEG project checkpoints" (download as PowerPoint or PDF here) you can get an overview of where during the research project process NatMEG offers support, and what parts of the process that typically are of the researcher's responsibility.

Currently, all support and also the lab access at NatMEG is etiher completely free or heavily subsidized, meaning that all normal support is completely free of charge, and MEG lab access is either completely free (during piloting) or subsidized (during main measurements).

To initiate a project at NatMEG, researchers apply for access and support by signing the below NatMEG user agreement.

Please download and read the "NatMEG user agreement" and the related appendices here:

A typical (and mandatory) milestone in the project process is an open project presentation. This typically takes place after piloting measurements (see NatMEG project checkpoints, above). NatMEG then advertices an event where the researcher present the background and rationale to the research project. The project presentation is essentially a hygiene check to ensure that all crucial factors (that have to be in place for a research project anyway) are in place before lab time can be granted for main measurements.

Please download the presentation template as PowerPoint or PDF here.