Learn about MEG

Learn about MEG

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  • Learn what you need about MEG experiments by grasping the contents of this MEG skills flowchart:

The NatMEG facility is currently accessed by users from the main  universities  in Sweden.  The fact that NatMEG is a national facility is reflected by the wide array of projects currently ongoing/under initiation at NatMEG. Your own project could be part of a MEG study, so if it comes the time your lab decides to join the MEG team, here you have some concepts and skills you should be aware of.

Lauri Parkkonen's lectures on MEG basics.

Experimental design step. Other content to be added.

Videos and tutorials you may need for hands-on measurments.

Theory and demos on MaxFiltering (cleaning) your data after the measurement.

Videos and tutorials on the data anylsis procedures undertaken at NatMEG.

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MEG skills complete flowchart: click on the image below to see flowchart in normal size.

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