Robert Oostenveld

NatMEG staff

Robert Oostenveld

Visiting Professor


Research interests

My main interest is in developing novel methods for the analysis of MEG and EEG data with applications in cognitive neuroimaging. My scientific contributions include signal processing, source reconstruction, connectivity analysis and statistical analysis. Furthermore, I am interested in improving the methodological aspects of cognitive neuroimaging at the meta level: I contribute to the dissemination of state-of-the-art analysis methods by developing open-source software, by data sharing and by organizing educational and scientific workshops.

My contributions to the methodological advancement of the field of non-invasive electrophysiology are exemplified by FieldTrip, a project that I started 10 years ago and that I have been heading since. To strengthen the MEG and EEG research community, I am not managing FieldTrip only as a data analysis toolbox, but also as a platform for the exchange of ideas and expertise.


At NatMEG I am involved in a number of research projects, including projects that using frequency tagging to trace the depth of processing of visual attention, that use source–level time-series analysis for well-defined regions of interest, that use linear models for estimating perception-related activity in changing rythms and on the development of novel MEG acquisition methods using high-Tc superconductors. Furthermore, I contribute to the development and maintenance of a long-term accessible MEG data archive.


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