NatMEG downloads

PDF of how to record at NatMEG ( driver´s licence documents)

Here, you can download NatMEG posters, such as our MEG recordings checklist and HPI + electrodes placement guide.

about the placement of Electrodes

about the placement of HPI

checklist about recoding

Other useful documents

Here, you can download the Map of NatMeg.

Here, you can download an example of a NatMEG consent form.

Here, you can download  project presentation template.

Calibration files

Current files:

sss_cal_3119_150922_0.dat (for supine measurements, from 150901 >>)

sss_cal_3119_150922_60.dat (for 60 degrees upright, from 150901 >>)

sss_cal_3119_150922_68.dat (for 68 degrees, fully upright, from 150901 >>)

(If unsure, pick this one)

Older files:

sss_cal_3119_150210.dat (for all measurements, between 150210 and 150831)

sss_cal_3119_131115.dat (for all measurements, between 131115 and 150209)

sss_cal_3119_130819.dat (for all measurements, between 130819 and 131114)

sss_cal_3119_130228.dat (for all measurements, between 130228 and 130818)