NatMEG downloads

* PDF of how to record at NatMEG ( driver´s licence documents)

Here, you can download NatMEG posters, such as our MEG recordings checklist and HPI + electrodes placement guide.

about the placement of Electrodes

about the placement of HPI

checklist about recoding

* PDF of Bayesians workshop

* PDF of Lectures

* Other useful documents

Here, you can download the Map of NatMeg.

Here, you can download an example of a NatMEG consent form.

Here, you can download  project presentation template.

* Calibration files

Current files:

sss_cal_3119_150922_0.dat (for supine measurements, from 150901 >>)

sss_cal_3119_150922_60.dat (for 60 degrees upright, from 150901 >>)

sss_cal_3119_150922_68.dat (for 68 degrees, fully upright, from 150901 >>)

(If unsure, pick this one)

Older files:

sss_cal_3119_150210.dat (for all measurements, between 150210 and 150831)

sss_cal_3119_131115.dat (for all measurements, between 131115 and 150209)

sss_cal_3119_130819.dat (for all measurements, between 130819 and 131114)

sss_cal_3119_130228.dat (for all measurements, between 130228 and 130818)