Mikkel C. Vinding

Mikkel C. Vinding

Assistant professor

Contact: Mikkel@NatMEG.se

NatMEG staff

Research interests

My interests are the mechanisms of cognitive control in motor functions. I work with the functional changes in degenerative disorders, both for movement-related disorders and general cognitive function. I have recently taken an interest in the time-domain analysis of MEG signals and "beta bursts".


I am a researcher and involved in teaching and supervision of activities in the lab. In addition to my own research focus, I help with MEG/EEG data analysis on several ongoing projects at NatMEG. I provide guidance and supervision during project initiation phase of projects at NatMEG, and am currently working with data sharing of data collected at NatMEG. Feel free to contact me if you need help with MEG/EEG research or want to learn more.

Previously at NatMEG, I coordinated and conducted MEG studies of motor control in Parkinson's Disease. The projects focused on understanding the differences in brain activity underlying differences in cognition between patients and healthy. Among other things, we will investigate the functional connectivity of resting-state activity, motor function, and memory function.


Find me on ResearchGate here.


GitHub page: @mcvinding

Twitter: @mc_vinding