Mikkel Vinding

NatMEG staff

Mikkel C. Vinding

Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact: Mikkel@NatMEG.se

Research interests

My interests are the mechanisms of cognitive control in motor functions. I work with the functional changes in degenerative disorders, both for movement-related disorders and general cognitive function. In this topic, I am interested in how changes in connectivity are related to disease and cognition. Previously I have worked with the role of conscious intentions in motor cognition and control of actions, both from experimental and theoretical perspectives.


Since February 2016, I have been coordinating and conducting MEG studies of motor control in  Parkinson’s Disease (PD) patients in collaboration with Per Svenningsson’s group (PD project). Since October 2017 I am running MEG measurements of the MIND-AD lead by Miia Kivipelto (AD project). Both projects aim to understand the differences in brain activity underlying differences in cognition between patients and healthy. Among other things, we will investigate the functional connectivity of resting-state activity, motor function, and memory function.


Find me on ResearchGate here.


GitHub page: @mcvinding

Twitter: @mc_vinding