NatMEG Journalclub

MEG/EEG Journal club

After the weekly lab meetings we usually have a presentation of a project or we discuss a paper in the shape of a journal club.Then we discuss methods, issues, and applications in MEG, EEG, and related methods.

The journal club is for everybody: researchers, students, and clinicians. Everybody interested in learning about MEG and related techniques is welcome to join.

Aim of the journal club

The journal club aims to get together and discuss interesting studies, methods, and issues in magneto- and electrophysiological studies. The focus is on MEG with human subjects (healthy and disease). Topics can range from single studies, methods (from basic implementation, analysis tools, or advanced issues), to conceptual issues (e.g., neuroanatomy or physics of bio-electrical fields). Topics from basic cognitive science to clinical applications are all welcome. We also encourage you to present your own studies you recently have published, or are about to publish.

Structure of the meetings

The usual meetings begin with a brief presentation of the topic of the meeting. The purpose of the presentation is to identify issues and open for discussion for the rest of the meeting. The reading material for the meeting can be a journal article, a pre-print, a tutorial webpage, or a blog post.

Occasionally, we will have invited guest presentations by researchers who present their work or perspective on M/EEG.

Everybody is encouraged to participate in the discussion and to give presentations. The presentations should be short, and should not take hours from your otherwise busy time to prepare. It is not a lecture or review, but an invitation to discussion. It can be a topic you are unfamiliar with but want to discuss to learn more. The aim is to provide a forum for discussion of MEG methods (and other related neuromagnetic/electric methods) in an informal setting.

The topics of the meeting and what to read before the meetings are announced on the journal club email list.

Place: Online (sign up for the mailing list for more info).

When: After the lab meeting every second Thursday, usually around 11:15, unless specified otherwise.

For sign-ups or questions, contact: