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Mathieu Bourguignon: insights into human sensorimotor functions from MEG and coherence analysis

Cortico-kinematic coherence (CKC) is addressed as the coupling between hand kinematics and brain signals. After a brief introduction to the sensorimotor system, the study aims to better understand the brain network responsible for such coherence. The conclusion points towards proprioceptive feedback integration as the origin of CKC. Regarding its clinical possibilities, CKC method is successful but artefacts are especially limiting in the analysis.

Nathalie George: MEG dynamics of (social) facial signal processing

Here you have an introduction to faces and what kind of stimuli they are, what kind of responses they elicit, and to the facial expressions of emotions (mobility, variety, adaptive value, non-verbal communication). Also the interaction between gaze and social attention and its integration with other facial cues is described. Finally, some data of facial and social signal processing is presented: third person perspective on social perception, the role of the amygdala, the liking effect induced by gaze, etc.