Martin Ingvar

NatMEG staff

Martin Ingvar

PI at NatMEG, Professor


Research interests

My main interest is in the field of subjective experince including subjective health and their physiological correlates. My scientific contributions are related to brain imaging in health and disease. The strongest focus has been that of placebo and pain but also language/memory has been a focus. Moving into MEG represents a wonderful opportunity to test some of the concepts that cannot be reached with fMRI. The world class setup makes any conceivable experiment possible!


At NatMEG I am involved in a number of research projects, including projects that develop paradigms previously investigated in fMRI. An improtant contribution as PI is also to support the infrastructure during its forming years. It is not a simple task to navigate such a project in the Swedish funding landscape,


Find my publications either on, or on ResearchGate here,