Daniel Lundqvist

NatMEG Scientifioc Director 

Daniel Lundqvist

Scientific Director

Associate Professor

Nobels väg 9: D3

Phone: +46 8 524 832 62

Mobile: +46 709 640 339

Email: daniel.lundqvist@ki.se,  daniel@natmeg.se


I have been responsible for establishing, installing, configuiring and equipping the MEG lab, as well as for establishing NatMEG as a national facility and building a national user base. I've also been responsible for initiating and coordinating scientific projects at NatMEG, supporting NatMEG user and supervising NatMEG researchers, and post docs. My own MEG research focuses on the relationship between emotional and cognitive processes.

Research interests

My own research mainly focuses on academic and clinical MEG applications, where I explore the usefulness of conventional or next-generation on-scalp MEG sensors in cognitive neuroscience (mainly selective attention) and clincial neuroscience (mainly Parkinson's disease and epilepsy) applications. I also have a strong interest in emotion and face perception and have developed different some different emotional stimulus materials (e.g. KDEF) in collaboration with other researchers.


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