Christoph Pfeiffer

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Christoph Pfeiffer

Assistant Professor

Nobels väg 9: D240

Phone: +46 8 524 833 33

Mobile: +46 70-247 85 98



I am responsible for initiating and coordinating scientific projects at NatMEG, supporting NatMEG user, teaching and supervising NatMEG researchers, and post docs. I will be responsible for integrating a novel on-scalp MEG system into NatMEG.

On-scalp MEG is also the main focus of my own research.

Research interests

My research focuses on developing on-scalp MEG using next-generation sensors. In addition to developing hardware and methods for on-scalp MEG, I am investigating academic (such as high-resolution imaging) and clinical on-scalp MEG applications (such as epilepsy and brain computer interfaces for patients with motor impairment).


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