MEG study on the neuroscience of touch perception

Neuroscience of touch perception

About the Study:

The goal of the experiment is to measure brain activity when you receive a touch on your finger that is either externally generated or self-generated (non-painful). We are particularly interested in measuring brain activity when a touch is unexpectedly omitted. 


The experiment is divided into two sessions. Session 1 (30 minutes) involves a structural MRI scan at Stockholm University. Session 2 (3 hours) involves 2 hours of MEG measurement plus a behavioural task completed afterwards.



SEK 950 (taxable)


Criteria for being able to participate

To participate in the experiment you need to be:

- Between 18 and 40 years old

- Not pregnant

- Not having a metal object that cannot be removed (e.g. braces)

- Understanding English well

- Not having a current or history of psychiatric conditions. 

- Not taking drugs/medication affecting cognitive function

- Not claustrophobic


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