Veikko Jousmäki

NatMEG staff

Veikko Jousmäki

Visiting Professor


Research interests

My main interest is in MEG-compatible monitoring devices and stimulators. I have introduced the ideas using, e.g., multifilament optic fibers in MEG for stimulation and triggering purposes (Nishitani, Hari & Jousmäki, 2007), non- magnetic accelerometer in MEG for monitoring hand movements and correlated brain activity (Bourguignon et al., 2011), and pneumatic artificial muscles for computer-controlled passive movements of fingers and toes (Piitulainen, Bourguignon, Hari & Jousmäki, 2015). In addition, I have introduced the use of accelerometers in picking up the utterances in MEG (Bourguignon, De Tiège, Op de Beeck, Ligot, Paquier, Van Bogaert, Goldman, Hari, Jousmäki, 2013) and navigated TMS (Vitikainen, Mäkelä, Lioumis, Jousmäki, Mäkelä, 2015).


At NatMEG, I’m involved in several research projects in progress at NatMEG including introduction of new MEG-compatible stimulators, such as computer-controlled pneumatic robot for stimulating tactile C fibers and proprioceptive system, and eliciting rubber hand illusions.


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