Mia Liljeström

NatMEG staff

Mia Liljeström

Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact: Mia@NatMEG.se

Research interests

I received my PhD from Aalto University, Finland, where I studied language production in the brain with a multimodal approach, combining MEG and fMRI. During my postdoctoral period I investigated the large-scale functional networks that underlie naming and reading. I have been involved in multiple projects developing MEG methods for identification of rhythmic activity and connectivity in the brain.


At NatMEG, I am involved in studies that investigate network-level neural changes associated with ADHD, and the brain basis of processing and producing emotions. I am interested in developing new methods for analyzing connectivity in MEG, both in resting-state and task-related studies.


Find me on ResearchGate here.