Neda Kaboodvand

Neda Kaboodvand

Post doc resarcher


NatMEG staff

Research interests

I have MSc in biomedical engineering (bioelectric) from Tehran Polytechnic (aka Amirkabir University of Technology) and PhD in medicine (computational neuroscience) from Karolinska Institutet. My main research interest is the combination of nonlinear dynamics and network science, and applying it alongside multimodal neuroimaging for better characterization of brain disorders and intervention effects, to pave the way for precision medicine. In particular, I apply computational psychiatry approaches for better understanding and controlling addiction and mood disorders.



I have got the opportunity to join NatMEG and be involved in the whole-brain modelling projects, benefitting from multi-session MEG data collected from patients and healthy controls, to better understand disease-related alterations in the whole-brain dynamics and the effects of medication. Notably, we have tight collaborations with Johan Franck who is a professor of Psychiatry and the clinical director of the Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders. Together, we strive to use whole-brain dynamic modelling to develop tailored neurostimulation therapy for patients with substance use disorder.



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