Marta Topor

NatMEG staff

Marta Topor

Visiting PhD Student

Research Interests
I am completing my PhD at the University of Surrey in England. My background is in psychology with the focus on developmental motor disorders including Tourette’s syndrome and developmental coordination disorder. I am interested in cognitive, neural and behavioural processes facilitating the efficiency of actions during task performance. Specifically, I investigate how individuals adapt their actions to avoid making errors looking at the links between motor and cognitive control. I hope that my research will inform our understanding of performance control in these conditions and inform clinical and interventional practices.

Most of my research to date was conducted with the use of EEG. I have joined NatMEG to learn about analysis methods which can be applied to both EEG and MEG data. I am also assisting with the piloting of an MEG study exploring motor control in individuals with Parkinson’s disease.


Publications and resources
You can find a list of my publications and methodological resources on my ORCiD profile

Twitter: @MartaTopor
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