Karin Westin

NatMEG staff

Karin Westin

Doctoral Student

Contact: karin.westin@ki.se

Research interest

My main research interests is understanding how epilepsy and epileptic activity develops in the brain, and how epileptic activity affects brain maturation during childhood. I am also interested in understanding how next-generation on-scalp MEG sensors can improve detection and characterization of epileptic networks.




For the last three years, I have been working on projects aiming to characterize the clinical benefits of on-scalp MEG sensors within clinical epilepsy evaluations. Within this project, we performed the first-ever clinical on-scalp MEG measurement on an epilepsy patient. I also lead a conventional MEG study investigating dynamical neurophysiological effects underlying development of epileptic activity. During the fall, I will start a new MEG and structural MRI study investigating the effect of epileptic activity on the maturing brain.

                      Apart from my research projects, I am currently responsible for all Swedish MEG measurements performed within clinical epilepsy evaluations.