Daniel Lundqvist

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Daniel Lundqvist

Head of unit, Associate Professor

Nobels väg 9: D240

Phone: +46 8 524 832 62

Mobile: +46 709 640 339

Skype: daniel.lundqvist.ki.se

Email: daniel.lundqvist@ki.se,  daniel@natmeg.se

Research interests

My research mainly focuses on either visual attention or emotion, and often focuses on the relationship between these two processes. I have also been involved in developing different sets of schematic and pictorial facial emotional stimuli (the KDEF  AKDEF; and the EU-Emotion stimuli) , and work at understanding the perceptual and emotional properties of such stimuli. Over the years, I have come to work as much with basic research on attention-emotion as with commercial research projects concerning the role of attention-emotion and memory processes in media (mainly TV, newspaper and Internet) and advertising effectiveness.


At NatMEG,I've been initially responsible for establishing, configuiring and equipping the lab. Currently I'm responsible for initiating and coordinating  scientific projects at NatMEG, superwising NatMEG post docs and supporting NatMEG users. My own MEG research focuses on the relationship between emotional and cognitive processes.


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