Allison Eriksson

NatMEG staff

Allison Eriksson

Research assistant


Research interests

My background is in psychology, with a particular interest in biological psychology. My primary research interests involve using brain imagining to better understand the neural correlates of cognitive disorders. During my Master’s at Stockholm University, I studied changes in endogenous dopamine levels during a fear-conditioning paradigm using combined PET and fMRI. I was subsequently involved in a PET study at Akademiska hospital in Uppsala examining dopamine and serotonin levels in individuals with social phobia.


I am currently the project coordinator for a MEG study aimed at developing new methods for identifying how the brain changes during Parkinson’s Disease. Specifically, this study compares differences between Parkinson’s patients and healthy controls in cognition and functional connectivity, as well as motor and memory function. The goal of this project is to help develop new methods for diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease.