MEG study on touch and vision

 Touch and Vision – The Rubber Hand in MEG 

The brain has the remarkable ability to integrate what the different senses perceive, such as both seeing and feeling a touch. What makes these processes special, beyond only seeing, or only feeling a touch is the main question of this project. 

As a participant, you would be seated in front of a rubber hand, while a robot will repeatedly touch your hand and the rubber hand, that is placed in various configurations. Across 21 mini-blocks of 2-3.5 minutes, we would acquire enough data from you to gain a good understanding of how the senses of touch and vision come together in the brain. All in all, the MEG-scan should take under 2 ½ hours, including preparation time.  

Note that we also require a brain scan from you, that will be done using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This will be done at the Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC) on a different date. 

If you are interested in this study, please contact