E6. Further reading

MEG skills - E6. Further reading

This page was created in an effort to provide a collaborative resource for beginning students in neuroimaging at KI and as a repository for a variety of helpful links.

  (f)MRI analysis links

  • Andy's Brain Blog and associated Youtube Channel with a ton of hands-on videos on processing imaging data in SPM, FSL and AFNI as well as general tips on statistics, working with Unix-based systems and the programming language R, and many more...

  (f)MRI analysis books

  • Huettel, S. A., Song, A. W. & McCarthy, G. (2008). Functional magnetic resonance imaging. Sinauer Associates.
  • Poldrack, R. A., Mumford, J. A., & Nichols, T. E. (2011). Handbook of functional MRI data analysis. Cambridge University Press. Accompanying webpage
  • Ashby, F. G. (2011). Statistical analysis of fMRI data. MIT press.

  (f)MRI datasets

  • OpenfMRI - Platform to share fMRI datasets

  • NeuroVault - Unthresholded statistical maps from fMRI experiments

  • Neurosynth provides automatic aggregation of fMRI activations from several thousand studies


using R

  • RStudio - user-friendly interface for interacting with R

  • Cookbook for R - Generally good resource for learning R, but particularly useful for plotting nice graphs with the help of ggplot2.

  • statcheck - an R package to check articles (including your own) for correct reporting of statistics

  • Field, A., Miles, J., & Field, Z. (2012). Discovering Statistics Using R. Sage.

using SPSS

  • Field, A. (2013). Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics. Sage.


  Computational modeling

  Neurobs Presentation