NatMEG and COVID-19

The safety of our participants is our highest priority at NatMEG. We have worked hard to create a safety protocol designed to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Below is a step-by-step overview of the safety procedures you can expect while participating in a MEG-study.  


Safety measures taken prior to the participant's arrival: 

Safety measures taken prior to and during MEG exam:

Additional information:

It is important that you contact the research leader to rebook your scheduled MEG exam if you:

  • Are sick, or have recently been sick. 
  • If someone in your household is sick. 
  • Have had close contact with someone who is sick. 

If you have a temperature of 38 C or higher prior to the MEG exam, the exam will be rescheduled to a later date.  

Please inform the research leader if you belong to any known risk group associated with the Coronavirus. Information on risk groups can be found at the Public Health Agency's (Folkhälsåmyndigheten) website here.

If you also have an MRI scan scheduled, please click here for information about Covid-19 precautions being taken at MR-centrum.