Workshop material

Source Reconstruction in MEG & EEG Workshop

For this workshop, we will be using the toolbox FieldTrip for Matlab. When attending the workshop, please bring your own laptop with a working version of Matlab. FieldTrip is an open-source toolbox, but Matlab is a licensed software (30 day trial version can be downloaded from by creating an account). We will not be providing laptops or MATLAB.

The version of FieldTrip we will use for the tutorial is provided with the workshop material. Besides FieldTrip you will find the data files for the tutorials, containg EEG, MEG and MRI data.

You can find the material for the tutorial here: material_for_workshop

The size of all files are approximate 3.5GB. This will take some time to download. Please download this before Friday.

See the slides from the introduction here.


Preprocessing MEG and EEG data

Preparing headmodels from MRI

Dipole fit

Prepare source model for MNE

Minimum-Norm Estimates