Bayeseian Approaches

February 2nd, 2016, Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet

Supported by Swedish Bioimaging and StratNeuro


Bayesian approaches have been increasingly applied in neuroimaging and cognitive neuroscience in the last years. They have provided successful solutions to many different specific problems as: source estimation, modeling of the haemodynamic response function, group inference, structural segmentation and perceptual modeling. Importantly, Bayesian approaches have given the field a unifying framework for statistical modeling and inference.

With this workshop we aim at providing an introduction to Bayesian statistics and its applications. Further, we also aim at having a forum for presentation and discussion of recent developments in the field.

To this end four experts on Bayesian methods give lectures on an introduction to Bayesian statistics, and on the applications of Bayesian methods to MRI/fMRI, MEG/EEG and cognitive neurosciences.


-- Morning

Registration and welcome coffee (9.00-9.30)


Introduction to Bayesian statistics

Rita Almeida (Karolinska Institutet)

Rita's presentation, first session,

Rita's presentation, second session,

-- Lunch

LUNCH (11.30 – 13.00)

Light lunch, free of charge for registered participants

-- Afternoon

  WELCOME (13.00 - 13.10).

Daniel Lundqvist and Rita Almeida   (Karolinska Institutet)

INVITED TALKS  (13.00 - 17.30)

Bayesian approaches in fMRI

Will Penny (University College London)

Will's presentation.

Bayesian approaches to behavioral modelling

Christoph Mathys (University College London, Max Planck UCL Centre)

Chris's presentation

Bayesian inference in EEG/MEG

Jérémie Mattout (INSERM, Lyon)

Jérémie's presentation

The workshop is supported by Swedish Bioimaging and StratNeuro,.

Daniel Lundquist (Department of Clinical Neuroscience, KI, NatMeg)

Rita Almeida (Department of Neuroscience, KI, StratNeuro)


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Bayesian approaches in neuroscience:

Applications in MRI/fMRI, MEG/EEG & cognitive neuroscience.