Sofia de la Fuente

NatMEG staff

Sofia de la Fuente

Visiting Master Student

2016-06-01 to 2016-08-01


Research interests

I am a Psychologist, with some medical background and currently studying a master on statistics and methodology.

I am interested in Cognitive and Computational in Neuroscience, with a special interest in memory and learning and their role in dementias. Additionally, for my future PhD, I would like to go deeper into Data Science and Machine Learning methods, towards a more reliable prevention and better rehabilitation of dementias, with a focus on cognitive well-being.


Presently, I am visiting the NatMEG facility at Karolinska Institutet for a 10 weeks traineeship within the Erasmus+ programme. The project I am involved in investigates functional connectivity biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease (PD) using MEG. This works towards an earlier prevention of PD, aiming to target patients at an earlier stage of the disease and slowing its progression and improving their life quality.