Fanny Lachat

NatMEG staff

Fanny Lachat

Postdoctoral Researcher


Research interests

During my PhD, I studied emotion and joint attention using MEG and EEG hyperscanning (2012, ICM, Paris, France - My first post doctorate was focused on observing other grasping object (mirror neuron) or receiving painful touch (empathy) using fMRI and classifier technics in Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland -


I am interested in social neuroscience, more precisely the impact of non-verbal communication (through emotional facial expression, emotional sound) on the brain activity – using MEG recordings. During my post doctorate at NatMEG, I will investigate the brain activities of healthy adults during the (i) production of emotional faces, (ii) the hearing of emotional sounds and (iii) the social communication through devices (webcam).


Find me on ResearchGate here.