Instrumentation means research and development of MEG measurement equipment, such as on next-generation MEG sensors.


Examples of ongoing projects at NatMEG

  • Xie Minshu, Bushra Riaz, Alex Kalabukhov, Justin Schneiderman, Dag Winkler and colleagues Chalmers University of Technology:
    • High-Tc SQUIDS: Benchmarking next-generation nitrogen-cooled high-Tc SQUIDS to conventionall helium-cooled low-Tc SQUIDS.


Examples of projects under initiation/piloting at NatMEG

  • Justin Schneiderman, Dag Winkler and colleagues, Chalmers University of Technology: Martin Ingvar, & Daniel Lundqvist, NatMEG:
    • NeuroSQUID: Towards a whole-head high-Tc SQUID-based system