Cognitive neuroscience

Cognitive neuroscience typically means basic research within cognitive neuroscience, performed on  healthy  adult populations.

Examples of  ongoing projects  at NatMEG

  • Linus Holm (PI), Umeå University:
  • Timing: Control of event timing.
  • Laszlo Harmat & Fredrik Ullén (PI), Karolinska Institutet:
  • Music: Sequence production.
  • Carine Signoret & Jerker Rönnberg (PI), Linköping University:
  • Hearing: Predictive coding.
  • Stephen Whitmarsh (Post doc), NatMEG:
  • Metacognition: Monitoring of somatosensory attention

Examples of  projects under initiation/piloting at NatMEG

  • Johan Wessberg (PI), Gothenburg University:
  • Sensory: The sensory of touch
  • Lars Nyberg (PI), Umeå University:
  • Memory: Working memory, Memory reactivation
  • Daniel Lundqvist (PI), NatMEG:
  • Attention: Modulation of visual attention across the visual field
  • Fanny Lachat (Post doc), NatMEG:
  • Emotion: Socio-emotional imitation.

Cognitive neuroscience