NatMEG MEG driver's license

NatMEG driver's license

To do MEG measurements on your own at the NatMEG facility, you first need to take our driver's license training. We arrange courses regularly, but also on request, if there are enough attendees interested. For questions regarding MEG driver's license training, please read the below information, and contact us here if questions arise.


Goal of driver's license

In short, the driver's license course has three main components. The first is to get theoretical knowledge of MEG. This is meant to give you a basic understanding of what MEG is and what you can measure using MEG. The second part is will be on site lecture(s) and hands on training in the MEG lab, that will get you acquainted with the MEG lab, and giving you the fundamentals in making your own MEG recordings. Finally, you will get hands on practice during real MEG recordings. This gives you the opportunity to practice your skills to the level that you are able to and comfortable with performing MEG recordings on your own at NatMEG.



The MEG driver's license training is organized this way:

  • Part 1 (Theoretical knowledge): Homework be done in advance by the attendee by listening to a set of video lectures covering MEG theory and MEG data pre-processing. In total, this amounts to about 1/2 - 1 day of work. This can be done at any time before Part 2, but no later than the day before Part 2. For details, see the program below.
  • Part 2 (On site lecture(s) and hands on training in the MEG lab): Full day on site course in the NatMEG lab. These full-day trainings are scheduled repeatedly. For details on the program and for a list of available dates, see below.
  • Part 3 (Hands on practice during real MEG recordings): Shall be done after part 1 and 2 are accomplished. Here, the attendee is trained alongside an experienced MEG user, either within one's own or someone else's project. This is scheduled and organized in collaboration with the attendee and other projects, and amounts to 1-2 days of presence in the lab.


Future NatMEG driver's license dates:


  • September 4th
  • December 4th


How to register?

There is a limited amount of seats available each course, because of how hands-on training is organized. If you are interested in taking the course, send an email to, including your name, email, mobile phone number, affiliation, and a short message about why you wish to take the course. The NatMEG driver's license course is free of charge.



Part 1.

When: Before you come to NatMEG for the driver's licence course.

What: Homework in preparation for the on-site course. No later than one day before the on-site training, you should go through the following video lectures. When you do this, please make notes, in particular about things appearing unclear to you. Expect an exam on site at NatMEG during Part 2.


You will find the video lectures here:


Part 2.

When. Whole day (9:30-16:00) course in in the MEG lab. See dates above.

What: We train the workflow of running a typical MEG experiment, including preparations of equipment and participants. We go through all the steps following a research participant from 'hello' to 'goodbye' preparing and performing recordings as well as uploading of data and running MaxFilter when the recording is done.


The day is divied in two parts. In the morning we start with a brief overview the MEG facility and an exam on "Introduction to MEG, theory and practice". Then we learning to navigate in the lab and get an overview of equipment. After getting an overview there will be a hands on exercise in setting up and preparing for running an experiment: How to prepare the scanner and set up equipment, including testing the set-up works and doing an empty room recording.


After the lunch break we continue with the hands on exercises. First how to prepare subjects with EOG, ECG and HPI coils before recording MEG and learn to assure adequate quality of preparation before recording begins. Then we will do one or two actual MEG experiment from start to end. One or two course attendees as participants to learn how to run a proper MEG recording and what to be aware of. Finally, we will demonstrate running MaxFilter and uploading data to server.


Slides from driver's license course (updated March. 2017):


Part 3 (optional)

When. Sometime after Part 2 has been passed successfully. This is scheduled individually, depending on the availability of the attendee and of current projects.

What: Here, you get to observe, assist and then singlehandedly process research subjects during real MEG recordings.

Suggested reading material

There is no mandatory reading material for the driver's license course but attendees of previous courses have asked for suggested reading material to learn about doing MEG recordings. Below you will find a few recommendations to get started with learning about MEG and doing MEG measurements.


About MEG and good practice:


About MaxFilter:


Analysis toolboxes:

The driver's license course will not cover how to analyse MEG data (do, however, see upcoming events and workshops at NatMEG). We do recommend to get an understanding of analysis methods before getting started with your own research. Below you will find links to suggested analysis toolboxes for analysing MEG data. Most have well documented tutorials to help getting started.

For more information and how to get started, see the webpages of the individual toolboxes:.

See also our online lectures and MEG topics (Only part of this is covered in the driver's license course).